All is Well

Our Mission...

A line of products created and designed that honor age, wear and tear, the imperfect, singular and simply made.

Bring employment to the local and regional markets by making product in the USA.

Empower the business community to do the same.

God created the Earth. He inhabited it with all creatures for the sky and sea. Then he created man.

Therefore we give back 3% of proceeds to the following:

The Planet: tree preservation, cultivation; clean water and recycling.
Animals: rescue shelters, food drives and vaccinations
Education: school fundraisers; knowledge is power, our children are our Future and Hope.

We hope our products touch your soul and bring you happiness, joy and laughter.
All those things that are good … that in today’s world gets lost in the noise.
Through art we feel God and there is Peace and Joy in that.

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